The Diecast Podcast: “The Queen of Nangalore” Tomb of Annihilation S4E17 Group B

The Diecast Podcast
The Diecast Podcast
The Diecast Podcast: "The Queen of Nangalore" Tomb of Annihilation S4E17 Group B

The Queen of Nangalore

Group B delves deeper into the hanging garden of Nangalore, and they are looking to meet the Queen who owns the Gardens.  They’ve already had a run in with some Mantraps, and regardless of Flail Snail Shields, they are in peril of the all the hallucinogenic plants that grow there.

What will they uncover?  What will they discover about the Queen?  Will the Group learn more about the area and the Death Curse?

The announcement at the break is pretty cool.  The Diecast Podcast is throwing their support behind an awesome event called The Unconventional Gaming Convention.  Everyone has the right to play, and everyone has the right to the their story.  It is an an amazing idea to have a convention based on representation and inclusivity.  If you want to attend or GM at the event, please head to the website right away.  Follow them on twitter, and get involved with the event if you are interested.  We hope to see you there in September.

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