The Diecast Podcast: “An Award Winning Smile” Dragon Heist S5E1

The Diecast Podcast
The Diecast Podcast
The Diecast Podcast: "An Award Winning Smile" Dragon Heist S5E1

Season 5 is here, we have a new cast and a new adventure to start.

We start off in Waterdeep one year after the events of The Tomb of Annihilation. The death curse has been cured, adventurers feel safe to go out again. Waterdeep has become a boom city of business. There is however a shadow on the horizon. All the extra gold flowing into the city has caused the organized crime syndicates to fight amongst each other. The Knife, The Xanathar’s Guild, and The Zhentarim are all at each others throats. The city may be full of wonders, but it is also full of danger.

Here is our cast for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist:

Yosev -Assimar Warlock –Adam Bourret (@AdamBourret)

Amalica -Dark Elf Sorcerer –Stephanie Cooke (@hellocookie)

Waywocket Sprocket -Gnome Rogue –Mailes Baker (@MilesABaker)

We hope you enjoy the new season, let the heist begin!

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