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The Diecast Podcast is a bunch of old friends coming together to throw some dice, tell some stories, and bring things to within 1hp of death only to have it kill stolen later on.  Listen to our adventures, and share in our stories as we journey across the Sword Coast.

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Heroes Assemble! Trollskull Manor has gathered some of the mightiest heroes in Waterdeep to share and plan what to do about Dormu and the Soul Plague. Ontharr Frume and a sect of Paladins have abandoned the Order of the Silver

The Ranger Lord leads her group through the sewers of

Tales From Trollskull is back, and this new adventuring party

The Tales From Trollskull crew has found themsleves in Evil

It's a fight episode, as the Trollskull team take on

Tales From Trollskull is back as Elsbeth and Mari have

It's date night in Trollskull Manor, and love is in

The Bee Team do battle in Wendy's cottage. They discover

Tales From Trollskull is back for Volume 2 with more

An explosion has happened in Waterdeep, and the Trollskull Trio

The Trollskull Trio search through the Archives for anything to

The Trollskull Trio make their way into the Wailing Archives.

A brand new adventuring group has entered into Trollskull Manor.

Tales from Trollskull is back with a new episode from

  The Brightwood Academy is back for another mission. This time

The Brightwood Academy is back, with new students and old

Waywocket & Yozef explore the Ballan'trae grounds, and learn more

The Trollskull Trio are back, and they have a new

The Gutter Runners have one final show down. Will this

The Round Table Finale where all the players sit down

The Trollskull Trio find themselves outside the HQ for the

The Trollskull Trio have infiltrated Gralhund Villa, and have the

The Trollskull Trio have discovered the Open Lord of Waterdeep

The Trollskull Trio continue their investigation into who set off

Trollskull Manor is renovated, and business begins. The trio goes

The trio make their way to Trollskull Manor. Solo has

Here is Part 2 of The Brightwood Academy. The students

We are trying something new. Miles has created a wonderful

"The Last Guardian" Group B is flying through the jungle, figuratively