Talking Crit: Whispers of War

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Talking Crit: Whispers of War

The weather is amazing, Spring is in the air, if you live in the northern hemisphere, and what better ways to spend it than by watching some people play Dungeons & Dragons on the internet.  The Mighty Nein have left the city and successfully dodged conscription before the war.  Will there be enough distance between themselves and the war?  Caleb and Nott had some major backstory revelations which cut pretty deep into all of our emotions.  There’s also some great fan theories about Fjords past.  Is it all that he claims?  If you head over to the Winds Road Tumblr, Rose has come up with an amazing theory that may be the exact truth.  Read it, absorbed, form your own theories with it; it is a great thought with some compelling evidence behind it.  This leads into our Question of the Week.

Question of the Week uses Rose’s theory that Fjord was The Hawker.  An anti-Empire vigilante that has been scouring the Menagerie Coast for months, before disappearing.  This all follows a similar trial that Fjord has been on.  This leads us to ask, how many insight checks has the Mighty Nein done when Fjord talked about his past?  They may want to increase that number significantly.  Please, place your vote and let us know what you think about the Fjord/Hawker theory.

Shout outs this week takes look at an upcoming convention in September.  There’s one thing that should be a constant at any RPG table.  Everyone should be welcome, everyone should be able to help tell a story. Let’s learn about the Unconventional Gaming Convention.  A convention where everyone is welcome, and everyone gets a chance to play.  These are games at their core, and their meant to be fun for everyone. This is a fantastic idea, and one that a lot of people could have in their lives.  We have said it before, representation matters, and diversity is a strength.  If you are going to be in the Southern Ontario area for September 8th, we highly recommend you come out to this con, it is going to be a great time.  We will be there en masse to help play, game, and possibly DM.

If you are interested, please check out their website and sign up.  If you are interested in DM’ing, please sign up as well.  There will be lots of chances to meet, mingle, game, and just have a ton of fun.   You won’t want to miss this event.

They’ve said all that needs to be said, Gaming Is For Everyone.

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