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The Diecast Podcast
Talking Crit: Waste & Webs

Zadash is a large and complicated city.  There are things afoot in the city streets, and we’re still trying to figure out who is going to land where on the spectrum.  A few giant rants, and a phase spider later, The Mighty Nein have some phat lewts in their hands.  This did lead to an interesting situation regarding loot, gold, and trust.  Caleb and Mollymauk had a small interaction that had a ton of weight to it.  This has led to some interesting fan theories about Caleb’s past.  Was he a former soldier?  he seems well organized, and knows some battle tactics.  Was he a former criminal?  He knows how to move money, and met Not in jail.  This gives us our Question of the Week.

Question of the Week looks at Caleb’s background.  Two big ones come to mind, The Soldier and The Criminal.  Does Caleb fall into either of these categories.  We should start paying attention to his actions over the next few episodes to see if anything gains attention.  Does he have a criminal contact we don’t know about?  Do lower ranked military officials recognize Caleb as a superior?  It’s time for the crazy fan conspiracies to shine bright.

The first shout out goes out to Kat.  This portrait of Nott is stunning.  The colours and the lighting tell a compelling story.  It’s also amazing how the mask changes the personality of the portrait.  The actual smile vs. the facade smile adds so much more to the images.  The use of negative space also plays a big part in showing the character of Nott.  The rogue who hides in the shadows; she’s quiet and mischievous, but has depth to her personality.  It’s a great portrayal of our favourite goblin rogue.  Thank you Kat, this is an amazing portrait.

The second shout out goes to James Farmer and an artistic classic.  You may have seen similar works such as cow eating grass, polar bear in a snow storm, and now phase spider hiding behind unseen servant.  We’re always fans of classic dad jokes, and we feel a little comedy is always needed.  It’s clever and funny, and definitely worthy of a shout out.  Thank you for the laughs and smiles.

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