Talking Crit: The Scaldseat/The Core Anvil

Talking Crit
Talking Crit
Talking Crit: The Scaldseat/The Core Anvil

It’s a double episode this week as Vox Machina get into forging the tremels.  The Forge Guardian was a mighty solo npc to face, with some interesting fight mechanics, but this all seems to be the undercard for the main event.  While the forging of the tremels was difficult, it’s one more step towards the final battle.  It makes the encounter more real, because it brings Vecna closer to the last battle.  Let’s all remember, he’s aware of what Vox Machina are doing.  He’s been scrying on them every chance he gets.  It could be he has extra power behind it with his new godhood upon him.

The worst part about a fight is waiting for it to happen.  It seems that time is getting shorter for the group.  Are they ready?  Most of the Critters in our Question of the Week think they are.  True Polymorph has been unleashed a few times, a double Planetar could be a powerful combination during the Vecna fight, but is there something stronger out there?  Could Scanlan turn into Vecna himself?  This leads us into our Question of the Week.

Question of the Week looks at tactics this go around.  Sam Riegel is sharp as a dagger, and is quick thinking.  Could he pull off a trick like turning into the object they’re fighting?  Could that be enough to combat both Vecna or Lady Briarwood?  Give  vote and let us know what you think Scanlan will do.

Our first shout out this week goes to @arkadycosplay and this amazing Mantle of the Tempest.  With over 6000 leaves built into it, this thing is a cosplaying work of art.  Not only does it look impressive, but just the sheer volume of leaves shows how much love and work went into its creation.

Our second shout out goes to Ox Durose, and these amazing Vox Machina caricatures are fantastic.  You can just imagine everyone at a Winter’s Fest waiting to get their portrait done.  It’s a great capture of emotion and spirit for each of the characters.  Great caricature always exaggerates the best features, and Grogg’s Strongjaw is a strong jaw.  It also shows off the power of Grogg’s voice and the brashness with which he carries himself.  Please follow Oz and see the other caricatures that are on the feed.

They are amazing to see and are worth a look through.

That is it for this week.  Critical Role is going to be at GenCon this week, so they will be streaming on Friday at 6pm PST, or 9pm EST, so plan accordingly.  This may be the Vecna fight, it may be the lead up to it.  We hope it goes well for Vox Machina.

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