Talking Crit: The Final Ascent

Talking Crit
Talking Crit
Talking Crit: The Final Ascent

This is it, the calm before the storm.  The lead up fight to the main event, and the contenders are getting ready in the wings.  You can feel it in the air, the finale is coming.  A lot of us are still trying to get ourselves ready for what’s coming.  A lot of us are still fearful of what that final fight will bring.  However, we are going to be there together, we’re going to gather around as fans, as critters, and witness everything that Vox Machina has to offer.

We hope the good team wins.

Question of the Week looks at the mechanics of the upcoming fight.  How many trammels will Vox Machina land on Vecna?  Every trammel will help, any that are missed will hinder.  Give a vote and let us know what you think is going to happen.

The first shout out this week for Alex Marx.  It’s been a bit dark and dreary for Vox Machina, so some colour is needed in our art.  Alex does a fantastic job bring out colour and composition.  It is bright and hopeful, but that betrays the potential of what is happening in the image.  It is those half moments, those breaths, that get captured between emotions that make images like this great. Amazing job Alex, everything here is beautiful, and it jumps off the screen.

The second shout out goes Bhryn, and this amazing Tarot Card-esque portrait of Keyleth.  The colours are important, because they bring live and vibrance to the image.  It forces an inhale, just so you can feel the air in your lungs that a druid would bring to you.  You can smell the flowers in your mind, and feel the wind on your skin.  The colours have this synesthesia effect on anyone who sees it.  They bring touch sensations, as well as the visuals.  This is an amazing piece of art, and you should give Bhryn a follow to keep up to date for these amazing pieces.

It is the finale this week, it is going to be huge.  Let’s all gather together and get ready to process our emotions tomorrow.  This may be the super bowl of D&D, and I think we’re ready for it to happen.  We’re all in this together, good luck.

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