Talking Crit: The Bar Room Blitz

Talking Crit
Talking Crit
Talking Crit: The Bar Room Blitz

“And the man in the back said everyone attack
And it turned into a ballroom blitz”

Sam Riegel is a beautiful man, with a beautiful mind, and he had a beautiful idea to run a one shot.  There was something so good, and so pure about the experience, it was like someone learning to paint.  They made some mistakes, they had a lot of fun, and they made something beautiful.  It was great to see someone try for the first time, and then be great at it.  It wouldn’t be hard to guess that Sam Riegel may have caught the DM’ing bug.  That can only mean good things for D&D.

It was also great to see everyone lean hard into their characters, regardless of playing experience.  I think Jayne and Clothesline became fan favourites right off the start.  We would love to see more one shots at the Ass Sailor, or more adventures with Jayne & Clothesline.

Next week could prove to be the last one of the arc.

No Question of the Week this go around, we will have plenty of questions to ask after this episode on Thursday.

Shout outs this week go to some amazing work.  The first is a shout out to Julia and her amazing Mantle of the Tempest cloak, holy crap this thing is impressive.  It almost looks like dragon scale, but it’s all leaves.  It’s this amount of work and talent that makes it look like a flowing cape of leaves.  The way it flows and carries behind is beautiful, it looks like it carries the weight and responsibility of being the Voice of the Tempest.  The amount of detail and work shows through, and you have to watch the video a few times to full appreciate the mantle.  This is amazing work, Julia.

The second shout out goes to Black Distraction, and this throw back to the cave of Opash and Raishan’s eventual fall.  It’s a moment that most of us forgot about, so it catches us off guard.  We are all making that face when we remember; trying to catch our breath as we realize how close we came to losing two of our beloved NPC’s.  Some natural 20’s come at the perfect moment. It’s the colour of the water that shows the danger, how isolated they are, and how much depth and darkness is below them.  It is a great melancholy image.  We know what the result is, but we are forced to relive that moment we were all gasping for breath, when we were grasping for hope.  It’s a phenomenal piece by Black Distraction that needs to be shared across the internets.  Give a follow to Black Distraction and let them know what you think.

That is it for this week.  There is a potential final this Thursday, and a possible Ashley Johnson sighting for Thursday as well.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a great show.

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