Talking Crit Podcast: The Deceiver’s Stand

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Talking Crit Podcast: The Deceiver's Stand

When will the emotional roller coaster stop?  Oh geez, please let it stop, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better.  We have lost a Vex and we have lost a Scanlan, at least we have one of the twins back.  We have to wait a whole week to see if we get a Scanlan back, it is going to be a long seven days.  Something we can all use to comfort our souls as we wait on the Shorthalt news is some amazing Critter Fan Art.  We have some shout outs this week, the first being Meg S, who did an amazing image of Allura, with some great nods to Carol Danvers.  The second is David Rodrigues again.  His talent isn’t limited to just design, you should check out his illustration of the Raven Queen as well as his tumblr page.  The finals one is Kent Davis, who did an awesome cover of Rogue Magazine.  We gotta admit, Grog is looking swanky as the cover model.

Our Question of the Week looks at the Scanlan resurrection, and will it happen.  Brendan comes up with an interesting theory that there’s a quest for a Wish spell to bring him back, a just in case clause if the resurrection fails or Scanlan chooses not to come back.  Toss a vote in and let us know what you think is going to happen with a posthumous Scanlan?

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