Talking Crit Podcast: Tangled Depths

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Talking Crit Podcast: Tangled Depths

Do you ever get the feeling that epic level D&D is based more in emotional role playing and circumstance, than it is about tackling the big nasty at the end of a dungeon?  There were many moments on Thursday that left us reaching for emotional support, and by emotional support, we mean any type of comfort food we could get in our mouths.  We set a record, the longest episode of Critical Role is confirmed at five hours and 30 minutes.  In the end, we had a Vax who was dead, a Keyleth who evac’d with Vex and her brother, and Grog who had to be persuaded to go back and get Tary.

It was a complicated night for everyone.  Regardless of how you felt after the session, we were all spent after going on the emotional roller coaster again.

How did you feel about the episode?  Do you feel like Vox Machina was well prepared, or do you think they jumped in without checking?  Let us know in the comments below.

Our Question of the Week tackles another question about character death.  It seems to be a running theme these days; do you think Vax will come back in the resurrection, or will he finally finish his service with the Raven Queen?  How is this going to affect Keyleth?  Take part in the poll and let us know.

We have some shout outs this week, the first is a repeat shout out.  Kent Davis did an amazing cityscape of Vesrah.  It is stunning to look out.  He took the literal thoughts from our collective brains and made them real.  It is stunning.

Our second one is also a repeat shout out, and a well earned one.  In all the chaos that was happening,  Elaine Tipping recorded this serene moment.  It was small, and just off to the side, but she does a great job of finding the small moments, and making them last.  It’s small, it’s simple, and it’s beautiful.  To borrow from Zombieland, Enjoy the Small Things.

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