Talking Crit Podcast: Onward to Vesrah

The Diecast Podcast
The Diecast Podcast
Talking Crit Podcast: Onward to Vesrah

Queue up I’m On a Boat, it’s time to get high on the high seas.  Vox Machina is helping Keyleth on the final leg of her Aramente, which has led them to the ocean city of Vesrah.  That’s just an awesome combination of words to say, ocean city of Vesrah.  We got some pirate combat, and picked up a new crew member.  It’s still unknown what to make of this rescuee, hopefully it’s a good deed for the week.  We also got to see how well Taryon held up in a fight.  Combat wise, pretty good, actually holding onto things, not so much.

We also have some more clues about what happened to Keyleth’s mom.  It’s only a leg, but there’s a chance that she may be alive, or she may be kraken chow.  I think we’re all hoping that she’s alive, oh the feels that will come out.  This fight with the kraken is going to be epic in scale, it’s a beefy creature to face, with lots of spike damage.  The question is, will there be any epic loot after the battle?

Our Question of the Week tackles if Taryon will find a vestige after the Kraken fight.  There are more vestiges left out there, and this creature feels epic in scale; there’s a good chance something beefy will drop.  Weigh in with your opinion and let us know in the poll.

Our shout outs are plenty this week, with the first being an amazing cosplay photoshoot.  Check out the set Julie @ Katsudone posted the other day of her Percy.  The wig, the glasses, and the rifle just work.  It’s amazing to see cosplay of this quality out there.  Don’t forget to follow Julie and let her know how awesome her cosplay is.

We also have one of the funnier moments from last week captured in black & white.  Team Nerd discussing the merits of the Metric System, (it works damnit, everything is divisible by five.)   It was a cute and real moment of like minded brains finally coming together.  Jonesy captured the moment, and it brought a big belly laugh from Brendan and I.

Finally, we have Chandra Pandhita and her awesome No Mercy Percy Portrait.  If you want to be awed by some amazing art, then check out her twitter feed.  Also check out her Vex’ahlia portrait, it is stunning.  Damn, the Critter Art Community is strong and flourishing.  For fans of the show, this is a great luxury to have.


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