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Talking Crit Podcast: Jugs & Rods

Things come to a conclusion in this week’s episode of Critical Role.  The group takes time to decompress and digest everything that has happened.  We get more drinking adventures, as well as delving deep into character back stories.  Tary becomes more and more compelling, as we get journey with him as he discovers himself.  Brendan and I take a good look at gender fluidity, and what the stereotypes in adventuring are, and how they can change.

There is no episode next as Liam takes over for another one off, it will still be a great episode.  They go back to their mixed reality/fantasy world where the characters play themselves.  Liam’s last one was amazing, this one should be even better.

Our Question of the Week this week asks you about the year long break.  Will we see a new PC come to the table or will the current group of Vox Machina stay together?

Shout outs for the week go to more artists who have a crazy amount talent.  The first goes out to Carlos Ruiz, who made an awesome splash image of the Vox Machine crew.  It’s got amazing composition, much like the statue of Avengers in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  This could be a cover image to any Wizards of the Coast product.  Thordak wrapping around the group, and each of the dynamic poses builds a feeling of “Fuck yeah!” when you see it.  It is essential “Show, don’t tell,” with each position.  If you had never seen an episode; you would know each type of personality without having seen one episode.

Editor’s Note: Also congrats on the Art of the Week from Talks Machina.  We swear we record on Tuesday at 8pm EST, so we have no idea what they’re going to pick.  Great art has to be recognized by everyone, phenomenal job. 

The other shout out goes to Simona Daprile, and if you’re not ready to feel your feels, watch out.  This image evokes The Iron Giant feeling right away.  The slight head tilt and cradling Tary gives that feeling of, “No, you stay.”  The colour helps project that feeling of being in the past, and the sleeping young Tary wraps it all together.  There’s something young and innocent there, and only Doty was there to protect him.  Given the events of the last episode, this image has more impact because of it.  It tugs at the heart strings in the right way.

That is it for this week.  We have a break next week, but we’ll be back.  Enjoy Liam’s one off, I’ll be there to live tweet once more, it should be kick ass.

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