Talking Crit Podcast: Family Matters

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The Diecast Podcast
Talking Crit Podcast: Family Matters

We have now learned more about the Trickfoots, and what a story.  This was a complete arc from start to finish.  It gave that sense of accomplishment and completion that you get from finishing a video game.  It brought us through the Hero’s Journey, and it was an awesome trip to take.  If you’re not familiar with the Monmyth, Glove & Boots has you set with their video here.  The thing that is mind blowing is that it was all improvised.  Actors came together to complete the Hero’s Journey with little to no prompting.  If Matt Mercer had planned this from the very start, then he’s a genius.  He still is for crafting the sandbox in which everyone could tell this story.

It was solid from the start to end, and it had a little bit for everyone.

Our Question of the Week looks at something that Kat Waterflame suggested.  Was Wilhand forthcoming with the Trickfoot history?  Is there a Hatfield/McCoy situation afoot, or is it something deeper?  Give your vote, and let us know what you think may be up with Wilhand.

Our first shout out this week goes to Emmanuel Padilla and his awesome portraits of the cast during Family Matters.  Let’s be honest, it’s all about dat Grog hat.  The bells, the bows, the feathers just make this hat quint essential Grog.  There needs to be some Critter fan art of all the hats Grog now owns, there has to be a walking closet in Greyskull that is nothing but hats.

The second shout out goes to Carlee Pakes and her amazing Slayer’s Cake poster.  This is something you would find on a billboard, or a poster add.  The colours and the composition makes you want to head over and get some Bear Claws.  It’s a style that works with the subject on many levels.  It’s something that we would see every day, and take a moment to register and admire it.  It’s subtle, and it works.

Both these artists have done amazing work, please give them a follow and fill your twitter feed with beautiful Critter art.  If you need to cheer your your feed, follow as many Critter artists as you can, you will not regret that decision.

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