Talking Crit Podcast: Deals in the Dark

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Talking Crit Podcast: Deals in the Dark

The Machina has landed, in Hell Jail.  The heroes are mid crawl through a hellish prison, but what a lead up to that moment.  There were some classic VM tropes in this episode, all from a confused and avoided encounter, a tormented vendor, and something new to the group.  On a side note, check out Matthew Mercer’s Blood Hunter class.  Brendan is right, it looks like a lot of fun to play.

Torva was a fun addition to the group, and a gritty roll your bear sleeves up and get to work type of character.  It’s easy to see a lot of Critters are invested in Torva.  She looks like lit fire cracker read to go off.  Next week is going to be exciting to watch.  This leaves us with the fight with the fat pit fiend, and we know what it’s like when Vox Machina fights a pit fiend.  In the podcast we aim our Question of the Week towards Pit Fiend mechanics, but Brendan’s idea about the Pacts were too good.  SO we’re going to go with his idea.

Our Question of the Week is: Will Percy use one of the Pacts?  It’s a hard choice to make, because he can be steel willed, but he also does enjoy playing with the dangerous powers of the universe.  What do you think will happen?  Vote and let us know how you think Percy’s decision will go down.


Shouts for the week are numerous and familiar.  The first one goes out to Caio Santos and another beautiful landscape.  If you had an idea of what Dis looked like in your minds eye, be ready to add a few changes.  The way Santos uses the reds and streaks of yellow to pop the background is amazing.  It gives you a sense of exploration in a hellish place.  It’s not often you want to see what’s beyond the next hill in an image of the second level of Hell.

We also shout out again to David Rodrigues who did this beautiful portrait of Hotis.  It’s great use of negative space, and the pose gives the feeling of being stalked by a predator.  It’s ominous, and it will give you chills if you look at it too long.  The shadows and muted colour make the eyes pop, and helps enhance the feeling of being hunted.

The next shout out goes to Lin, who made this awesome scene of Lady Briarwood (not Raishan, we goofed on the podcast,) Gilmore, and Hotis cruising in a convertible.  It hits all the right buttons of 80’s nostalgia, and you kind of want to see what a buddy travel movie be with those three.  It is made from previous images, but not all art has to be drawn, it can be awesome compilations of other images as well.  This one hit all the right funny bones.

Finally a shout out to Meg for her beautiful group portrait of Vox Machina having a picnic.  The colours are brilliant, and it just communicates a nice mellow feeling.  It reminds me of Sunday Afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte.  We all look at this scene, and we all see our own D&D characters in it.

Please follow these artists if you’re not already, your feed will thank you for the visual luxury that will follow.

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