Talking Crit Podcast: Daring Days

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The Diecast Podcast
Talking Crit Podcast: Daring Days

Has it finally happened?  Has Taryon Darrington finally been welcomed into Vox Machina?  The answer is, sort of?  We got to see how an artificer got to stretch their legs in combat, well sort of combat, 84 points of bludgeoning damage will take a lot out of anyone; however, take it like a champ he did.  That was a Negan like wallop he took to the noggin, and still walked away, RIP Glenn.

Is this the true Taryon or is there something more deceitful laying in wait for VM?  We also get the start of our journey towards the Water Ashari, which has the potential to be full of Water Bender goodness.  We can’t wait to see what Matthew Mercer is going to pull out of his brain to amaze us all.  We also have some new NPC’s to get to know; let’s see where the Critter Fan Art will take us, and what part of the adventure they’ll take on.

We have our Question of the Week putting its focus on Taryon’s stay.  Will he stick around with VM, or will he just be a bump in the road for the bigger adventure?  Let us know by voting and leaving a comment below or tweeting us.

Two shout out this week for the Critters who’ve tickled our funny bone.  To be fair, Brendan and I have disadvantage versus Critical Role Humour.  The first is William Bates and his awesome WWE 2k16 character intros.  It’s the fight we all want to see, Grog vs. Vax, and the managers in tow.  All it needs is a Jim Rossian, “MY-GAWHD!” to be complete.  My-Gawhd, what have you created, it’s brilliant.

Our second shout out goes to the Emon Daily News.  They have just started making weekly news letters, which you can follow on their twitter account (seen below.)  These folks are funny, and on the ball with Emon events, it’s like The Daily Show meets Welcome to Nightvale.   Stay tuned for the latest from the Emon Daily News.

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