Talking Crit Podcast: Bats Out of Hell

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Talking Crit Podcast: Bats Out of Hell

It’s time for Vox Machina to blow this hellish plane and plow on outta there.  It is mission accomplished across all boards, just ignore the destroyed robot parts inter corner there.  The Werebear will clean that up, no problem.  This was a great conclusion to a classic dungeon crawl.  It also left us all with some major questions.  What will Tary do without Doty?  What does Vox Machina do next?  Is Orcus aware that he has twin assassins after him?  Will Tova save her friends and make it out of Hell alive?

Next week may be a tension breaker episode, a come down from the wild adventure into Hell.  Those are always the best, something to cleanse the D&D palette before jumping into more insane and off the chain adventures.

Our Question of the Week this time around deals with repeat NPC’s.  How do you feel about fighting the same type of NPC twice?  Does it ramp up the encounter, or does it take away from the experience?  Gives us your thoughts and lets us know your answer in the options, we’d love to have your input.

Shout outs this week go to two great artists.  The first goes to Stephen Wood who made this beautiful Vex’Thalia & Trinket landscape.  It gives off a Group of Seven vibe (seriously, go check out the link if you love stunning nature landscapes,) with the colours and the lighting.  You are immediately submerged into the wilderness, and the thing that catches your eye is the hint of mysticism with the lighting on the arrow head.  A real hunter/prey scenario with that touch of magic to light everything up.  This is impressive, and you can see the skill and time that went into it.  Give Stephen a follow, and let him know how you feel about his art.  Dat Trinket buckle on the armour is just rad.

The second shout out goes Simon Jameson.  8-bit art is amazing, there’s something about it that can bring a smile to your face. It hits the right nostalgia buttons for anyone who grew up playing the old school systems.  It’s something about our imaginations that fill in the holes of the detail.  What could be better to represent this style than Shorthalt himself doing the Burt Reynolds impression.  The image makes us pull way back from our memory banks to when Sam Riegel busts out his best moustache moments.  It’s fun, it’s great, and it pulls the best emotions and memories out of us; all via 8-bit design.  It’s a subtle thing to achieve with 8-bit illustration, but Simon does an amazing job with it.

That’s it for this week, go vote in our poll and let us know how you feel about repeat NPC’s, as well as give these great artists a follow.  If you think twitter feeds bring a lot of negative news to the world, go and find artists.  Follow them, retweet their art and share it with the world.  My feed became a lot more awesome when I started filling my feed with some talented folks.  It makes the world a more colourful place.

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