Talking Crit Podcast: A Bard’s Lament

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Talking Crit Podcast: A Bard's Lament

Where do we go from here?  We started with an Earth Breaker of a fight, and then ended with a heart breaker.  Fans and cast alike were left to pick up the fragile pieces of our emotions after that episode.  It was a lot to take in, and some of us still have to process everything that happened.  Let’s just jump into it, what side did you fall on when Scanlan left Vox Machina?  There’s no wrong answer, it was jarring for all of us.

Vote in the poll for Question of the Week and let us know what your feelings were when the melt down happened.  While there was some bad that came out, there was some good, we got a new PC to adventure along with, and we got some awesome fan creations.  This week was great for art and video.  Check out the tweets below to see awesome work done from the Critterverse.

The animation style that Ellie Vyle uses works perfectly with the moment.  It’s tense, it’s adorable, and it’s funny.  Give her a follow on twitter, if you haven’t already, and subscribe to her Youtube channel for other awesome videos.  I can’t wait to see more videos, this one was a needed laugh after the emotions of last week.

Dash Gamers channeled his inner Quentin Taratino and mashed together Critical Role with Kill Bill.  Laura Bailey almost unleashes her Bride upon Terry Darrington, and it’s probably good that she found self restraint.  However, the music is on point, and it framed the scene with accuracy.  Let’s see what happens with newcomer net week, and hopefully more mashups.

Last but not least, is Jessis and this amazing comic about Vex’s limerick.  It never got to the right ears, and critters everywhere lamented a lost goodbye.  The whole scene left everyone feeling unsatisfied, that there wasn’t closure that we needed.  It’s a thread that will dangle in front of us for a long time.  Give Jessis a follow and get ready for your feed to be filled with some fantastic art.

On a side note, if you have Critter Artists in your feed, you get a luxury of updates every time new art comes up.  Holy crap, the talent in the Critter Community is insane.

Hopefully we can all pull it together for Thursday, it’s almost here.

Are we ready?

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