Talking Crit Podcast: 100th Episode

Talking Crit
Talking Crit
Talking Crit Podcast: 100th Episode

Happy centennial to Critical Role, 100 episodes is an amazing achievement.  This is the big episode to celebrate everything Critical Role has done for D&D and the community.  Yes, a game of Dungeons & Dragons happens, but there is something bigger here.  This is a milestone along a road we all share.  It’s says, “We were here, and we’re going to keep going.”  Take a minute in the future to think about why you love D&D, and how Critical Role has helped guide to the type of player/DM/Fan that you are.  It is a once in a life time feat, and we have nothing but love and celebration for the cast and crew at Geek & Sundry.  As for the game, some stuff happens, oh, and Delilah is back.  This leads us right into our Question of the Week.

The final story arc is upon us, and we have a new big bad to face.  The question is, who is it?  We’ve seen Delilah back, and she has cracked the master of the orb.  It appears that she can safely travel through to the other side.  Is this her own doing, or is there an more sinister presence guiding her?  Who is the big bad in this arc, is it Delilah Briarwood, or is Vecna?  Give a vote and let us know what you think.

Shout outs this week go to a repeat shout out with Caio Santos.  This beautiful portrait of Lady Briarwood kissing an eye is the perfect motif for this arc. Anything that is a black & white portrait is going to get my full attention.  When people can catch personality in one moment, or one scene, it’s beautiful.  Caio has done an amazing job with the light and the pose.  How awesome and terrible to kiss an eyeball.  It is the right amount of macabre to add to a portrait, and it shows the type of personality Delilah has.

If you haven’t yet, give @BlackSalander a follow, and just buckle in for the awesome art in your twitter feed.

The other shout out goes to Elusive Ann and this blast of nostalgia.  This nod to old D&D modules is made perfect by fitting the cast of Critical Role into the cover.  It takes a lot of skill to merge to different properties, and then make it look great.  WE get both the font and no font versions, and we thank you for your amazing skill.  Having only played a few of the old modules, it brings back a great sense of adventure and dread seeing one of those covers.  This is fantastic work by Elusive Ann, give her a follow, and spread the love for her beautiful work.

100 is in the bag, and episode 101 is on the horizon.  We are getting ready for the final arc, but how are we going to react.  Stay tuned Thursday night for more Critical Role.  Brendan & I will be back on Tuesday to record more Talking Crit.

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