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Talking Crit: Lost & Found

The group will bend, but they will not break.  There have been some tense moments for the Mighty Nein in the past few weeks.  They’re still cursing their bonds together, but it is not coming easy.  In reality, D&D reality, it’s only been about 10 days since they’ve been together.  Trust is something that is earned, and it doesn’t come quick.  Regardless, the group has been having some serious conflict about how they each operate.  Not takes on a more motherly role in the group, and Mollymauk changes his role, potentially.  This new addition of Lucian could be an interesting twist for the group, and a much needed distraction.  You can’t trust them carny folks, with their gamblin’, and their alternate identities.

Of course this leads into our Question of the Week.

Question of the Week investigates whether Mollymauk is actually the Tiefling he claims to be.  Could it be an alternate identity, or could this be Molly Prime, or Lucian Prime, argh my brains.  Please give your vote and let us know what you think.  We’d love to hear your theories on the multiple identities of Mollymauk/Lucian.

Shout outs this week will start with this portrait by Ren Varela.  I’m a huge fan of photography portraits, and this hits all the right notes for me.  The light is perfect.  It drapes across Caleb’s face leaving enough light and contrast to show personality.  The colours are muted, showing his desheveled nature.  If you need a GQ image of Caleb, this is it.  It’s fantastic work.  Please give Ren a follow on twitter.  You will get to see more pieces like this.  You will not be disappointed.

The second shout out goes to Sarah Tillery.  Smaller is sometimes better, and in the case of Nott, this is 100% true.  The line work on this image is great.  It gives off that newspaper comic type of feel.  It is a nice and small scene that carries a lot of weight to it.  The long ear style is a personal favourite and it helps show the type of personality that Nott has.  This is a fantastic image, thank you for making it Sarah.  Your line work is amazing.

That is it for this week.  Please place a vote for Question of the Week, and don’t forget to follow Ren and Sarah on twitter, your news feeds will thank you.

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