Talking Crit: Labenda Awaits

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The Diecast Podcast
Talking Crit: Labenda Awaits

It’s a journey out of Zadash as The Mighty Nein make north, away from the city, away from the conflict, away from conscription -we think?  The group had some time to talk and catch up, it’s only been three weeks since they met.  They also saw a battalion moving across the terrain towards the East, where the war with Xorhas has picked up.  Have the Mighty Nein put enough room between themselves and the front?  Will the war soon find them in the swamp?

They have made new friends in the swamp with a tiny Kenku named Kiri.  This baby bird has stolen the hearts of our beloved PC’s, but will she steal anything else?  Could Kiri have ulterior motives for the group?  Everyone should keep their eyes peeled for any clues that Kiri may let slip.  This leads us into our Question of the Week.

We are looking at Kiri the Kenku and if she’s legit or not.  Please place your vote and let us know what you think.  We’d loved to hear your opinions on our precious baby birb child.  We’re all hoping that she’s as sweet as can be, but anything can happen in D&D.

Shout outs this week goes to Ethan Schoonover.  If you haven’t followed his twitter account, do so now.  He is a high school teacher in Seattle who has started up a D&D club.  His students are amazing, and they’re changing the game for the better.  If you want to see an heart filling story of learning, development, math, physics, writing, acting, and leadership skills being folded into a D&D game, this is a twitter account you must follow.

It feels amazing to see that the next generation of D&D players are smart, open, active, and excited to play.  However, it’s not just play, they are creating their own adventures and stories.  This is what gaming should be, and it’s a beautiful example of what can happen when brilliant minds come together.  Thank you Ethan for everything you’ve done for this school, for these kids, and for the future of gaming.  It’s a bright future for Dungeons & Dragons, and any table top role playing game.  Please give Ethan a follow on his twitter account: @ethanschoonover.

Don’t forget to vote in our Question of the Week, as well as giving a follow to Ethan if you haven’t already.  We will see you next Thursday live tweeting as The Mighty Nein go exploring in the swamp.

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