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Talking Crit: Have Bird Will Travel

The Mighty Nein are mighty good at seeking revenge, sort of.  They went back for the venom troll and got justice for stealing their gold, uh I mean, for killing their guide.  That’s why they went back right?  With their first objective down, they headed north for the second part of The Gentlemen’s quest.  Along the way they encountered some old friends; or rather, some old friends encountered them.  Maybe those bandits will have a change of heart or maybe the M9’s will seen them sooner than later.  They are heading towards Hupperdook, and it looks like their first night will be a party night.  Beau seems like she’s ready to clown around town with some gnomes.  Jester is ready to, but she’s also riding a bit of a high as she finally got to hear form her mother.  Which follows suit with the Question of the Week.

We’ve asked it before, but now we’re making it an official Question of the Week.  Who is the Ruby of the Sea?  We think there is similarity between her voice, via sending, and Zahra from Campaign 1.  Please place your vote, and let us know what you think? Could the Ruby of the Sea be anyone else?  Could she make an appearance later on in the campaign?  Let us know.

Shout outs this week go back to the visual arts.  Our first one is to Matthew Humphreys and this awesome group portrait of the Mighty Nein ala 90’s Disney cartoon.  This one heaps a whole bunch of nostalgia as we see call backs to Goof Troop, Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales, and possibly a little Chip n’ Dales Rescue Rangers thrown in there.  It’s bright, it’s colourful, and it just shows how well Critical Role would work as an animated show.  We may have to curse Matthew’s work now, as it has given us a big tease as to what could be.  Each combination works for the character they’re portraying, it’s an awesome display of skill.

The second shout out goes to Elizabeth Garcia and he candied portrait of Jester.  Made out of candy, this piece is perfectly Jester.  It’s also something that should be kept far away from me.  I’m just saying; if it was hanging in a gallery, there’d be some empty spots on the portrait after I walked by.  This is an amazing work of creativity.  It’s always cool to see art done in a new medium, and she captures the optimism and joy that Jester carries with her all the time.  Awesome job with the candy profile, but the big question is: Was there any leftovers?

The final shout out goes to Galactic Jonah, and his creation of the Feathered Leather harlequin romance novel.  The style and lines are amazing.  The lighting catching the features of Vax and Gilmore’s face is perfection.  It just seems like a true love story between the two.  We don’t often see Gilmore with the Magnum P.I. moustache, but it works.  It works well.  What could have been has now been documented for everyone.  It’s damn good art work telling a damn good story.  Thank you for sharing this, it’ll be up there on the best reader list with Tusk Love.

Please follow all the artists we’ve shown, they are amazing, and your twitter feed will thank you.  Colour added to anything will make your day better, even if it’s to a twitter feed full of todays news.  Thank you for listening, thank you for checking out these artists, we will see you next week.  Please enjoy the summer, happy Pride, happy Women in Gaming Month, and everyone have fun.

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