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The Diecast Podcast
Talking Crit: Harvest Close

The Harvest Festival was a roaring success.  We had games, we had shenanigans, and we had organized combat.  We also had some major plot points dropped in the middle of the festival.  Some Critters have come up with the theory that Matt likes to do an event before he blows everything up.  Will we see something similar happen in Zadash?  When will the war come to Zadash?

All great questions, and none of those are our Question of the Week.  We look at how the Empire is setting up for possible forced conscription inside Zadash, and how close the Mighty Neins came to being recruited.  Please vote, and please let us know what your fan theories are for the upcoming conflict.

Shout outs this week focus on cosplayers.  There was a slew of great cosplay that came out after the last episode.  Please check out the #CriticalRole hashtag for all of it.  There was a lot, and we think these two deserve some recognition.  The first goes to Camill O.  The costume and photography are amazing in this shot.  You get a raging Yasha, with the hair flying out the back, and the angle gives that Incredible Hulk type of anger.  A rage so pure that it distorts our perception of reality.  The fur cloak and the hair/wig are the parts that stick out.  It’s great to see all these umbra hair styles when people cosplay Yasha’s hair.  We think it looks amazing.  The fur cloak looks like it took a lot of work and passion to make.  From the costume, to the photography skills, thank you both for creating this.

It looks fantastic.

Shout out number two goes to a group of cosplayers, this time we get Jester, Nott, and Yasha.  The spiritual weapon is amazing, as is the body paint for Jester.  That’s hard to do, and she does a great job.  Mighty Nein group cosplay pictures are always the best, because you get to see the small interactions between the characters.  The Yasha wig is also brilliant.  We love how everyone has the same concepts, but adds in their own unique style to it.  This is a great group combo cosplay.  It looks like it was fun to shoot, and fun to create.

Awesome job by everyone.


That’s it for this marvellous spring weekend.  We hope everyone gets a chance to go outside an enjoy spring, if your part of the world is having spring right now.  If not, then enjoy the start of fall, and we’ll see you all Thursday when we live tweet the latest episode.

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