Talking Crit: E83

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The Diecast Podcast
Talking Crit: E83

This week on Talking Crit we go over the Happy Fun Ball Full of Tricks, and the massive fight that happened. Blue Dragons abound as an emotionally charged end to the episode left us all catching our breaths. Was it the best fight of the series so far?  That leads us to the Question of the Week.

Was the Blue Dragon Fight the best fight of the series? It’s hard to say, there have been so many past fights that have left their mark, but this fight was something special. Place your vote, and let us know where you would rank this fight?

The first shout out this week goes to Emilie (I apologize for messing up the name, sometimes my brain doesn’t want to play nice.) This portrait of Twiggy carries the hope and fun nature that she had on the show. It has that  holiday card feeling to it, and you can’t help but smile when you see it. The colours are fantastic, and her playful style comes off the screen. Excellent work, Emilie. This is a fantastic piece.

Our second shout out goes to Caio Santos, and this landscape (dragonscape?) of the blue dragon rising out of the treasure hoard. You can hear the tingling of coins cascading down the sides, and it makes you feel the hairs on your arm stand up. It puts you in that same moment of fear and awe. It is a fantastic landscape that puts you in the moment beside Fjord. Which, thank goodness for digital art, because that’s not a place anyone would want to be at that moment.

That is it for this week, please have an awesome holiday. There may be an episode next week to catch up, but if not, we hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays. We will see you in 2019.

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