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Talking Crit: Artist Shout Outs

It is a busy week for us, so this weeks episode will be a special Critter focused show.  The art was so good this week, we felt we had to give recognition to the amazing work that was done.  Let’s just into all the great work that was done, and let’s ask the Question of the Week.

Question of the Week asks what is that thing coming out of the floor?  Ya know, just your usually questions that you have to ask in a D&D campaign.  Could it be Siff Duthar?  Could it be an undead monstrosity?  Is it something different?  We will find out this Thursday, so get your votes in and let us know what you think the creature is going to be.

The shout outs this week were unbelievable.  The art that was made was some of the best, it could be the best week of Critter art.  The first shout out goes to Rini and her awesome cosplay of Nott.  This is brilliant cosplay and brilliant photography.  The first thing that jumps off the screen is the colour.  That pop of green against the muted tones of the clothing and the forest behind her.  The second is the direct contrast between the mask and Nott’s skin.  This is such a fantastic image, and it shows the character that Nott is.  She’s small, she’s sneaky, and she’s got a personality behind that mask.  Also, what is with the ears and cosplayers?  How do cosplayers always nail the perfect bandage wrappings on Nott’s ears?  Everyone always does nail the look of the ears?

It’s an amazing cosplay job, it’s amazing photography and editing, everyone should follow Rini and Mike to keep in touch with their work.  We hope to see more.

The second shout out goes to this musical animated short.  It’s audio from Laura Bailey singing at the Critical Role panel from C2E2.  Apricatt does this great rendition of Jester twirling around and singing.  We’ve talked about how artists and illustrators capture personality.  Apricatt does that with animation.  The facial expressions are perfect, and the dramatic bed flop is 100% Jester.  This should be a fully animated feature, at the very least it should make a case for Critical Role the Animated series.  You just can’t help but smile as you watch and listen to the music.  That’s who Jester is, she’s always optimistic and full of life.  She’s there for the moment, and she’s there to make sure everyone can smile.  This is what this animation does, it gives movement to our minds eye.  It helps frame up how we would see Jester and Caleb interact.

It’s a great animation, and the rest of Appricatt’s channel is worth subscribing to.  It’s a feel good animation that will put a jump in your step.  Thank you for creating it, and thank you for the smiles.

The last shout out is a repeat shout out’er.  That’s a sentence, right?  Illya’s animated gif last week of Beau and her Static Shock Palm was gold, and it is followed up by more riches.  It’s Yasha in a Sun’s Out, Guns Out moment, where she is power boating her crew to safety.  The comic panel composition is great, which gives us perspective on all the terrified occupants of the boat, while Yasha does her thing.  It’s also great to see a size relation of Yasha to everyone else.  She’s got the power and size to turn this canoe into an outboard motor.  It’s awesome to see her just giving 100% Yasha to getting her friends to safety, while even the Dark Mantle is holding on for dear life.  All we can say is, we hope there isn’t a Tal’Dorei olympic rowing competition, or Yasha is going to win all the gold medals.

Thank you again, Ilya, for this great animated work.

That’s it or this week, do not forget to follow and subscribe to all the Critter artists that have been posted.  They are amazing, and your feeds will be amazing if you follow them.  Let them know how you feel about their art, and don’t forget to get ready for Thursday night.

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