Talking Crit: A Show of Scrutiny

The Diecast Podcast
The Diecast Podcast
Talking Crit: A Show of Scrutiny

This is just a quick blast of a post today, we are trying to get ready for Saturday and the Season 4 launch for Tomb of Annihilation.  The group is having a great adventure so far, and doing some nice detective work.  Marisha I think has the best lead; I think he guards are not what they seem to be.  The Devil Toad is on the loose, but I think this will come back to the guards somehow.  Just one of those Spidey-Sense tingles that I was getting, or I was hungry.

I may have been hungry.

Our Question of the Week asks you, what do you think of the Crowns Guard?  Are they hiding something, or are they just being regular guards? Make your vote and let us know.

Shout outs this week go to some awesome Jester art.  The first is to @TurtleAmyJess and her amazing Jester Animated Gif.  I love the black lines, she also captures the mood and personality of Jester.  She could be a Tiefling in any time, any setting, and you get who this character is.  It’s wonderful, and it brings a smile.  Please give her a follow and check out all the amazing work she does.

The second shout out goes to @ScribblingAngel and this amazing baby Jester pick.  Yes, it’s a lot of Jester art, but it’s great Jester art.  The character is fun, and the art is keeping pace with her energy.  The sparkle captures just that right amount of magical energy around her.  She has an infectious attitude, and you can see it just beginning here.  You could honestly turn this into a Disney cell from an animated movie.

Please give both these artists a follow, and let them know what you think of their work.  If you want to brighten up your social media feed, follow more artists.  That is it for this week, we will be back next week after the Season 4 launch.  Hopefully things will calm down a little bit at that point (they won’t.)

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