Apr, 2019
Talking Crit

Thank you for everything. From Brendan and I, thank you for all the support, all the love, and all the art that was shared. Please enjoy this amazing animation from Jayce R. It's beautiful, it's sad, and it's appropriate. https://youtu.be/EPWgawHt4mc Love a family member, and keep following and sharing

THe Nerds

As the new year rolls around, we get the second half of Star Trek Discovery.  Jon, Lindsay, and Miles talk about what they taught about the first half.  It's not your normal Star Trek, and that's probably a good thing.  It's time to change how

The D&D Podcast

Trollskull Manor is renovated, and business begins. The trio goes on stakeout to try and catch the elf killer in the Dock Ward after going shopping for new suits. They meet a potential new ally as the dice rolls dry up, and possibly the worst

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The Diecast Podcast

The Diecast Podcast is a bunch of old friends coming together to throw some dice, tell some stories, and bring things to within 1hp of death only to have it kill stolen later on.  Listen to our adventures, and share in our stories as we journey across the Sword Coast.

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Trollskull Manor is renovated, and business begins. The trio goes on stakeout to try and catch the elf killer in the Dock Ward after going shopping for new suits. They meet a potential new ally as the dice rolls dry

The trio make their way to Trollskull Manor. Solo has

Here is Part 2 of The Brightwood Academy. The students

We are trying something new. Miles has created a wonderful

"The Last Guardian" Group B is flying through the jungle, figuratively

"You Old Snake" After the deadly encounter with Queen Zalkore in

"The Commitment"  Group B continues their trek into the jungle.  They

"Gambling With Friends" It's adventure times with pirates and sea hags,

"Enter the Breaker of Knees." It's a heist adventure as Group

"Even Tabaxi get the Zoomies." The voyage on the river continues

"Map Face Value" Group B continues to prepare in Port Nyanzaru.

"What do you call a group of Bi-Pusses?" Group A discovers

We are starting the second group for Tomb of Annihilation.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! Port Nyanzaru has seen strange sights, but the

The Darkest Timeline Here is the finale.  We do some battle

"I can't make decisions, I'm a minor!" Here we are, the

"Dolus, stop messing with Schpmoney!" It's getting colder in the Tomb

The One With the Round Table It's a round table episode.

"My Dex is very bad" The crawl continues, but at lest

"What happened to Shpimoney?" Take two, annnnnd action.  Tarek & The

"We're not evil, we're disorganized" Will the real Mackenzie Mormont please

"I'm not a grappler, I'm more of a striker" Mackenzie Mormont

A Two signature policy Whoah-oh, we're halfway there; Tarek & The

A Strange Introduction What happens when you get shrunk down in

"I think I may be on the wrong flying carpet" It's

"If we find ourselves in the future, we'll just wish

"Hello, old friend" We were minus one Miles for the session

"I'm tiny Tarek!" It's time for more Freaky Friday with Tarek

"This is how this is supposed to be." Tarek & The

"I go in the room." "Noooooooo!" After dealing with The Knife and

"Did somebody say pineapple?" Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian

Dracoliches, Dracoliches, Make me a Wish Two stones down, and four

A Post Hakh Era We now live in a Post-Hakh era.

Well, Hakh, this is new Every group has a game in

Talis the White Round II A fight that was three years

Storm Warden Keep It's a surprising trip back to Waterdeep, and

Border Management It's always a pain crossing a border. The random

Equus Resurrectus  What does it mean to love a horse?  It

The Emberbeards What does it take to resurrect a horse?  This

Border Crossing Tarek & The Head Smashers are on the road

Home again, home again. We have returned with a brand new

Dealing with the Devil The heroes are close to their goal. 

The Thing in the Garbage The group infiltrates Castle Naerytar with

Cry Freedom II The adventurers discover the hoard of the dragon

Lessons in Litigation Waterdeep, where dreams come true, and business partners

Revenge is a dish best served cold The heroes survived the

The Long Journey North The group continues on their second leg

The Bauldur's Gate Hustle The pursuit has begun against the Cult

The Party at Eltruel Our group of adventurers head for the

Hakh v. Cyanwrath Round II After the defeat of Fluram Mondath,

Ethics in Dungeon Crawling Our heroes continue on in The Hoard

Cry Freedom Our heroes have survived the night. There are some

What happens when six guys are sitting at a table

Just a quick transition for Season 2 to Season 1

Epilogue & Battle Royale Here is our Epilogue & Battle Royal