Aug, 2019
Talking Crit

Thank you for everything. From Brendan and I, thank you for all the support, all the love, and all the art that was shared. Please enjoy this amazing animation from Jayce R. It's beautiful, it's sad, and it's appropriate. https://youtu.be/EPWgawHt4mc Love a family member, and keep following and sharing

THe Nerds

As the new year rolls around, we get the second half of Star Trek Discovery.  Jon, Lindsay, and Miles talk about what they taught about the first half.  It's not your normal Star Trek, and that's probably a good thing.  It's time to change how

The D&D Podcast

It is the finale, we are wrapping up Season 5 with the greatest party that Waterdeep has ever seen. After all that build up, the Wintershield party is here. Decortations must be hung, food must be prepped, and guest list must be checked. Is there

Talking Crit: The Spice Deal

Spice?  Got spice, you cool? Brendan and Jonny talk about the latest Critical Role episode.  We go over what was possibly the best non-drug deal in Vox Machina history, as well as the new ally they have made.  We also see the return of a potential Percy foil.

What does it all mean, and where does that put VM in regards to the Chroma Conclave? Will the Meat Man ever get revenge for being duped on a spice deal?


I'm just saying, Burt Reynolds wouldn't have had these problems.

I’m just saying, Burt Reynolds wouldn’t have had these problems.

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