Aug, 2018
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This will be a quick one this week.  There is a lot happening, we are in the middle of a sound upgrade, which means learning a whole bunch of new gear.  We are also trying to close out Season 4 of the Diecast Podcast, as

THe Nerds

As the new year rolls around, we get the second half of Star Trek Discovery.  Jon, Lindsay, and Miles talk about what they taught about the first half.  It's not your normal Star Trek, and that's probably a good thing.  It's time to change how

The D&D Podcast

"Can" Two shrines down, seven to go; what waits for Group A in the other shrines?  Omu is proving to be a challenge to Group A, they've encountered more than they've bargained for.  The shrines of the Nine Trickster Gods have more challenges, more dangers, and

Talking Crit: The Midnight Chase

It’s the first boss fight of the campaign.  It was a mini boss fight, but a boss fight none the less.  Like all good boss encounters, it left more questions than it did answers.  We had some classic low level experiences with tracking and finding the devil toad, and we had some amazing RP’ing by Travis to dupe the guards as the group made their escape.  The Circus still has a lot to clear up. First and foremost, what was the deal with that devil toad?  Why was Toya so cool with being with it?  Was it slowly draining everyone in the circus without their knowledge?  Those questions lead us into our Question of the Week.

Did the Circus know about the devil toad or were they caught off guard like everyone else?  It’s hard to say, and there may be a 50/50 answer in there somewhere.  Place your vote and let us know what you think of the Circus?

Shout outs this week go to two amazing people and their creations.  The first one goes out to Risa Hulett, who had one of the best ideas ever.  She created the idea of the Critter Deck.  Think Pokemon cards, but for Critter artists.  This is a great idea.  It builds community, it showcases new artists, it lets people flex their artistic muscles, and it brings that sense of unity in the Critter community.  If you have a time sink to fill, going down the #CritterDeck hashtag is going to be worth it.  You’re going to see some amazing images and discover some amazing artists.

Thank you for this great idea, and thank you for bringing the community closer together.

Shout out number two goes to Colm McGuiness, who made this mind blowing score for Critical Role.  Welcome to Wildemount is something that would fit onto any movie screen.  It’s amazing to see Critters show off their talent, because everyone has an insane amount of skill.  He takes you through all the emotions of a new land and a new story.  You can hear the influences from The Witcher 3 and from The Avengers.  This is a score you listen to more than once.  It’s great working music, gaming music, it’s just great music plain and simple.  Go subscribe to his Youtube channel and follow him on twitter.  Artists give us colourful news feed, now let Colm McGuiness give you a colourful treat for your ears.

That is it for this week.  There is lots of fall out to deal with on Thursday as we get to know more about the circus.  Thank you to Risa and Colm for their amazing ideas and creations this week.

You both have made the community stronger and better.

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