Talking Crit Podcast: Trust

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Talking Crit Podcast: Trust

It’s all about trust and green dragons; one you can count on, the other is dubious at the best of times.  Brendan and I start going into the layers of deception Raishan could be playing at, and how it will affect the group.


Our Question of the Week is Green Dragon related, is Raishan’s Curse real or is it just spun fantasy? Jump in an answer our poll.

You can join in on our fan theories and predictions on twitter using the hashtag #TalkingCrit, or you can tweet Brendan and I directly: @Makeshiftbren & @Fotoguy79.  We will be live tweeting every Thursday night, it’ll be great to see you there.

This is a labour of love, we love this show, we would love to hear what everyone has to say about this awesome show.

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