Jan, 2021
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Thank you for everything. From Brendan and I, thank you for all the support, all the love, and all the art that was shared. Please enjoy this amazing animation from Jayce R. It's beautiful, it's sad, and it's appropriate. https://youtu.be/EPWgawHt4mc Love a family member, and keep following and sharing

THe Nerds

As the new year rolls around, we get the second half of Star Trek Discovery.  Jon, Lindsay, and Miles talk about what they taught about the first half.  It's not your normal Star Trek, and that's probably a good thing.  It's time to change how

The D&D Podcast

The Trio makes their way down to the caldera and the Idol of Spiritual Conduction. It all comes down to one event at the bottom of a volcano. Thank you to everyone who has listened, and thank you for all your support. It has been a

Talking Crit Podcast: Raishan

 It’s the new year, which means new beginnings, sort of.  Vox Machina was left in the literal dragon’s den, and things got a lil’ toasty.  Brendan and I try and help make sense of all the chaos that happened.  There was a lot to keep track of, a lot of feels and a lot of stress eating happened to all of us.

We are pretty sure that @pettyartist was right with her idea that the eggs/vassels/necro things were the Clone Spell, or a DM equivalent, damn those tricky green dragons.  We are also sure that no good is going to come of it for VM, like that wasn’t obvious in the first place.

There were some pluses from the episode, it wasn’t all doom and gloom.  First off, nobody died, which was damn close for a lot of the group.  Second of all, we have a possible Kiki nuking those eggs from orbit.  Vox Machina will have to roll the dice on whether those eggs survived or not.  This leads into our Question of the Week.

Did Keyleth fry those eggs in Raishan’s hands?  Give a vote, and don’t forget to follow and subscribe so we can keep you in our tin foil hat discussions about what’s going on.

We have a few shout outs to deliver, the first to @pettyartist what we feel is a near 100% confirmation on the Clone Spell.  The second shout out to @3rdClover for making an awesome design of the Chroma Conclave if it were a corporation.  It looks fantastic.  Also to two artists who created some beautiful Critter Art, with @triaElf9 for her awesome Manga scene between Pike & Scanlan, as well as @jessieLRLeaf for an funny self reflection of Scanlan and his death.

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