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Thank you for everything. From Brendan and I, thank you for all the support, all the love, and all the art that was shared. Please enjoy this amazing animation from Jayce R. It's beautiful, it's sad, and it's appropriate. https://youtu.be/EPWgawHt4mc Love a family member, and keep following and sharing

THe Nerds

As the new year rolls around, we get the second half of Star Trek Discovery.  Jon, Lindsay, and Miles talk about what they taught about the first half.  It's not your normal Star Trek, and that's probably a good thing.  It's time to change how

The D&D Podcast

The Trio makes their way down to the caldera and the Idol of Spiritual Conduction. It all comes down to one event at the bottom of a volcano. Thank you to everyone who has listened, and thank you for all your support. It has been a

Talking Crit Podcast: Curious Tides

Last week’s episode had a little bit of everything.  It had drama, heartbreak, suspense, and a massive amount of comedy.  Vox Machina survived the Kraken, and Keyleth finished her Aramente.  If you think they’re winding up some loose story threads, you would be right.  However, we have some new threads being pulled, and Vex pledging to hunt down Orcus if her brother comes back.  That’s a mighty quest to take, if it were World of Warcraft, that would be a red quest for sure.  We also saw the first 9th level spell arrive with Shapechange.  The way it was introduced was a cool and interesting way, Matt Mercer came up with something unique to begin introducing epic level spell slots.

This episode did a lot.

It was another much needed break for the characters, to try and process everything that happened.  Vax died, and the group had to make some tough leadership decisions.  Sometimes a group needs time to unwind and just have fun, and this episode was great for that.  This leads us into our Question of the Week.

Does your D&D group take any time to decompress after a tough or emotional session?  Place your vote and let us know how your group deals with those big and epic sessions.

Shout outs for this week start with Caio Santos, who made this amazing oil portrait of Taryon Darrington.  It’s beautiful and something we could easily see in a Wizards of the Coast source book.  It’s a great take on Darrington, as well as making it a bit more grim, +1 Internets for the handlebar moustache.

Our second shout out goes to Bill Washington, this epic scene of Grog powering up the Titan Stone Knuckles is pretty damn cool.  The colours, the contrast, and the energy crackling off the knuckles makes Grog’s power jump off the screen.  This is a beautiful image of how Grog throws himself into combat.

Editor’s Note: We record on Tuesday night at 8pm EST, we have no idea what Talks Machina is going to choose for Art of the Week.  It just shows how damn great the Critter art is.


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