Talking Crit Podcast: Battle in the Arches

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Talking Crit Podcast: Battle in the Arches

It is the holiday time, which means we get to talk D&D as well as which pies are the best pies.  Vox Machina has barely survived the fight with a Pit Fiend, and now they come home to Fort Daxio in ruins. The group is now armed with a vestige each, and it looks like Pike scored the sweetest one.  The big question is, at what cost?  Time spent in the Fire Plane has cost lives and battlements at Daxio.

Critical Role takes some time off for Thanksgiving this week, there will be no Talking Crit until the show returns, we will see you all in a weeks time.  In the filler time, enjoy the new show Talk Machina, which has interviews and contests that you should be involved in.  Follow them on twitter, and if it hits all your Critical Role hot spots, then sign up for Project Alpha and enjoy the show.

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