Jan, 2018
Talking Crit

What a treat last Thursday was.  Darin De Paul came in and just knocked us all on our butts.  There was so much woven into each interaction, you would need to go back and watch the episode again just to soak in everything.  This was

THe Nerds

The Nerds review what comics they read over the summer, and what comics you should be excited for. What comics did you read over the summer? You should also check out Chris Henderson's work at Comics by Chris.  He has a plethora of skills and specializes

The D&D Podcast

"Hello, old friend" We were minus one Miles for the session due to VANCAF, but we carried on like the dedicated players we are.  It turns out, that was a giant mistake.  Who knew that Miles/Vondal was the much needed voice of reason in the party.

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