Apr, 2018
Talking Crit

This is just a quick blast of a post today, we are trying to get ready for Saturday and the Season 4 launch for Tomb of Annihilation.  The group is having a great adventure so far, and doing some nice detective work.  Marisha I think

THe Nerds

The Nerds review what comics they read over the summer, and what comics you should be excited for. What comics did you read over the summer? You should also check out Chris Henderson's work at Comics by Chris.  He has a plethora of skills and specializes

The D&D Podcast

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! Port Nyanzaru has seen strange sights, but the strangest they ever did see was that night with Shep and the wuss as they wiggled the truss, all to the songs of the Bi-Puss-Puss. There are sentences you thought you'd never write in your life,

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