Oct, 2018
Talking Crit

Episode 68 is here.  We're covering the last two weeks as we look at puzzles on a podcast or stream.  We also look at what the M9 have been up to, and some more of the subtle clues hidden in plain sight.  Are Brendan and

THe Nerds

The Nerds huddle together around the fireplace to celebrate Luke Cage Day, while warming themselves in the healthy glow of Marvel, they talk about the coming of fall.  They talk about the job The CW has in front of them with four awesome super hero

The D&D Podcast

"Can" Two shrines down, seven to go; what waits for Group A in the other shrines?  Omu is proving to be a challenge to Group A, they've encountered more than they've bargained for.  The shrines of the Nine Trickster Gods have more challenges, more dangers, and

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