Sep, 2020
Talking Crit

We are back and on track with Talking Crit, just in time for the Thanksgiving break. *Forehead slap* We go over the Fjord story arc, what we think it means, and what we think is coming down the road for the future. We hope everyone has an awesome

THe Nerds

Family will always give you trouble, it is a constant through the universe.  In James' Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, we get that in galactic spades.  The Nerds review what happened in the movie, and why Volume 2 made Volume 1 a better

The D&D Podcast

We are back, thank you for waiting. The Trollskull Trio continue their adventures into the jungle as they trek towards the volcano of the Poo Bash Aboo. They have survive assassin vines, girallons, and many other dangers from the jungle. They now find themselves outside


Flying Lizard Studio