Jul, 2020
Talking Crit

This week on Talking Crit we go over the Happy Fun Ball Full of Tricks, and the massive fight that happened. Blue Dragons abound as an emotionally charged end to the episode left us all catching our breaths. Was it the best fight of the

THe Nerds

It's great to finally have Peter Parker home with Marvel. The Nerds sit down to talk about the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man flying back into the MCU.  We all loved the tease we got with Captain America: Civil War, and now we get the full Spidey treatment.

The D&D Podcast

Amalica, Waywocket, and Yozef battle some fire newts, and get ready to explore the island. They have a surprise guest appear and meet a new entity of the island. What will these new characters bring with him, and what offers will they have for the


Flying Lizard Studio