Jun, 2018
Talking Crit

The Harvest Festival was a roaring success.  We had games, we had shenanigans, and we had organized combat.  We also had some major plot points dropped in the middle of the festival.  Some Critters have come up with the theory that Matt likes to do

THe Nerds

Family will always give you trouble, it is a constant through the universe.  In James' Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, we get that in galactic spades.  The Nerds review what happened in the movie, and why Volume 2 made Volume 1 a better

The D&D Podcast

The Queen of Nangalore Group B delves deeper into the hanging garden of Nangalore, and they are looking to meet the Queen who owns the Gardens.  They've already had a run in with some Mantraps, and regardless of Flail Snail Shields, they are in peril of

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