Apr, 2019
Talking Crit

Brendan and I are back to talk about the last two episodes of Critical Role.  The Boat Fight and the Hag Fight were both intense and dangerous, but for different reasons. We speculate on the alignments of the Mighty Nein, and if Fjord is going

THe Nerds

It's a bit late, but it's here.  The Wonder Woman Podcast, there was a bit of technical trouble with the recording.  We were able to save it, and thank goodness we did.  We were blown away by the quality of Wonder Woman.  It was the

The D&D Podcast

The trio is recovering from a fight with the Xanathar's Guild and are trying to figure out what happened to Floon. The City Watch has come in and cordoned off the area, while detaining the group. What do the Xanathar's want with Floon? Where did they

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