Apr, 2018
Talking Crit

The group will bend, but they will not break.  There have been some tense moments for the Mighty Nein in the past few weeks.  They're still cursing their bonds together, but it is not coming easy.  In reality, D&D reality, it's only been about 10

THe Nerds

It's great to finally have Peter Parker home with Marvel. The Nerds sit down to talk about the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man flying back into the MCU.  We all loved the tease we got with Captain America: Civil War, and now we get the full Spidey treatment.

The D&D Podcast

"Gambling With Friends" It's adventure times with pirates and sea hags, what could possibly go wrong?  Group B is finally into the jungle with this episode, with taking a quick stop over for some beach time fun.  We get to learn more about the group, we

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