Jun, 2018
Talking Crit

It's a journey out of Zadash as The Mighty Nein make north, away from the city, away from the conflict, away from conscription -we think?  The group had some time to talk and catch up, it's only been three weeks since they met.  They also

THe Nerds

It's great to finally have Peter Parker home with Marvel. The Nerds sit down to talk about the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man flying back into the MCU.  We all loved the tease we got with Captain America: Civil War, and now we get the full Spidey treatment.

The D&D Podcast

"A Medium Pace" It's time to travel at a medium pace.  Group A goes on an adventure in the Aldani Basin.  There are dinosaurs abound in the area, but it seems like Group A is heading towards the wreck of an air ship.  What will they

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