Aug, 2018
Talking Crit

This is just a quick blast of a post today, we are trying to get ready for Saturday and the Season 4 launch for Tomb of Annihilation.  The group is having a great adventure so far, and doing some nice detective work.  Marisha I think

THe Nerds

The Nerds have a geek out about Star Wars the Force Awakens. We talk about all the things we loved, and all the theories that this move gives us.

The D&D Podcast

 "Grungs, Germs & Steel" The terror in the jungle are large and undead.  It seems Chult has never dealt with its undead infestation.  Once those zombies get in, it's just tough to get them out.  They're like ants.  It has been a harrowing journey so far

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