Dec, 2017
Talking Crit

Into the Shadowfell we go, Vox Machina has landed where the sun doesn't shine, and have left our realm of reality.  It was a rushed decision, but it feels like it was the right one.  The chance to strike was there, why give Delilah any

THe Nerds

We came, we saw, we thought nothing really happened for a lot of mutants.  We talk X-Men Apocalypse today on the Nerds.

The D&D Podcast

"I go in the room." "Noooooooo!" After dealing with The Knife and putting an old foe to rest, Tarek & The Head Smashers are ready for the Underdark.  They run into some difficulties inside the Ruby of Homecoming; things happen when you have pocket dimensions inside other

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