Nov, 2017
Talking Crit

It's going to be a long day.night/static time period in the Feywild.  Vox Machina had to ditch and run versus their new nemesis, Vecna.  That one eyed, one hand, flying purple people disintegrator has become the new big bad.  There was a lot of emotion,

THe Nerds

We came, we saw, we thought nothing really happened for a lot of mutants.  We talk X-Men Apocalypse today on the Nerds.

The D&D Podcast

"This is how this is supposed to be." Tarek & The Head Smashers are venturing into the Underdark.  It is time to face off with some mind flayers, but they are not without help.  Their small guide, Frigg, is an expert in guiding adventurers to and

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